With an experience in coil winding and electricity sector based in 1995, as MUMTAZ TRADE COIL WINDING and ELECTRICITY MATERIALS INDUSTRY AND TRADE CO LTD. founded in the year of 1997, we feel the righteous honor of highlighting our name in the sector in a very short time. Adopting the principles of price appeal and honesty; keeping on continuous research and development activities in its field; German made collectors, coal brushes, breaker arms, soldering pastes, normal, mica, F class fireproof press bands, polyester press bands, Italian F class spray and isolation liquids, “mam” collectors, self-adhesive glass tapes, poly- glass epoxy resinous bands, Spanish H class 220 degree 5000 volt silicon tubes, Far East glass fiber band types, Kavi, Emsan and Sunka enamel bobbin wires, and also isolation materials are among the products which our company imports, whole sales and markets.


Our company which import and sales are organized by professionals, works with all its energy not to leave you in a difficult situation during sales and after sales services.