As Human Resources, we do evaluations on the basis of “competency” as well as “qualities” required for a position which our candidates apply for. While the education you have received, foreign languages you command and your previous job experience in similar positions are your “qualities”; personal characteristics like leadership, ability of analytical thinking, being a team player, focus on results, etc are “competency” criteria for our company.    

 • Building up added value by sustaining a working principle directed to synergy power which is created by different processes, people and  “we” instead of “me” policy.

 •   While sustaining working conditions, employee health and safety at their best, implementing the rules imposed by laws accurately and not damaging the environmental health.

•    Designing and managing personal development programs which will support the organizational development targets.

•   Ensuring  the training and bringing up of the best professionals on all levels according the expectations of the employees and necessities of the company.

•    Performance management system supporting and awarding personal development targets.


•    Developing global policies, systems and processes in order to sustain continuous success

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